Systematic Literature Review Mastery – Discount Inside

The day has finally come, dear Regulatory and Quality warriors.

We have had our technical team locked in a basement at an undisclosed location for the past 5 years, only allowed to come out for supervised exercise and our annual company Holiday party.

They’ve been building the platform that our team of medical writers use every single day to crank out Systematic Literature Reviews of MDR, IVDR, and FDA submissions. Over the past few years, the platform has gotten incredibly useful from our writers’ continuous feedback.

It’s like Distiller, but designed to be streamlined for device submissions (It even generates audit-ready Word docs in our MDR/IVDR templated format for you).

Now it saves us so much time we can boast the fastest and highest quality review timelines of anyone in the biz. Updates (annually, quarterly, whatever you want), are now easy to get through and organized for access year after year.

Today, I want to offer access to you. Here’s the deal:

  • I’m giving seriously discounted access ($50 USD) to 10 companies or freelancers that have Literature Reviews/AE Reviews to perform.
  • We’ll get you on the platform, show you how to use it (as needed) and support you at our highest standard of support completely free.
  • If it doesn’t work for your team, just tell me why (we are doing this for critical feedback) and we’ll refund you the money, if you’d like.

The only caveat is that we don’t want virtual tire-kickers here. If you have a review to do, let’s get it done. If you don’t (but still want to see our stuff), then I’m happy to share a demo and keep you on file for a future promotion.

As of today, this offer is going out to over 15 thousand regulatory professionals and writers, so I’m anticipating the slots will go pretty darn fast.

If you want in, just reply to this email “I’m in!” – and let’s get into it.

If you want to learn more, check out the product page here .


The tech team hasn’t actually been locked up.

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