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(With No Set-Up or On-boarding Pains)

Software built by seasoned Medical Writers. Save absurd amounts of time on labor intensive literature review so you can spend it on Regulatory work that matters.
…Or a longer lunch, your call.
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What if you could increase the productivity of your clinical literature team, standardize all your systematic reviews, reduce costs, and keep your devices/drug literature up to date year after year (without massive shared spreadsheets and folders, and lost information due to staff turnover)?

What we are:

Delightfully Efficient

A meticulously refined research software tools platform, designed to speed up your evidence based practice Literature Reviews, and make long-term organization and maintenance of your Clinical Literature simple and streamlined. You provide the expertise, we provide the efficiency.
Integrating Personal Research into MDR Submissions

Works Out of The Box

A completely functional ‘out of the box’ systematic review process crafted by seasoned Regulatory Affairs over hundreds of cumulative systematic reviews and submissions.

Robust and Customize-able

Fully customizable to
your preferred search

What we are NOT:

A fully automated, black box ‘AI’ system that promises to perform your reviews at the click of a button.

What we are NOT-1

Overly-complex, needing a few weeks of calls, training, and set-up just get off the ground. 


From Zero to Running Your First

Systematic Review in Minutes

We hate long, expensive on-boarding processes.

That’s why we’ve spent countless hours re-working our software to be as straightforward from initial login to conducting systematic reviews.

Support for Every Use-Case

Systematic Review for Medical Device


Meta-Analysis for Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Post Market Surveillance and Vigilance Reporting

Clinical and Market Research

A Compliant and Documented Review. Every Time

You now have a duplicate-free, color-coded list of abstracts to review. Happy clicking!
On Your Included Articles, Upload the Full Text PDFs, and get to reading! For each article you can extract out the data your want (safety, performance etc.) in a fully customizable form.
One more click, and your full Systematic Literature Review report is generated (In Reader-Ready Microsoft Word Format, or Raw Format in Excel). Have a large team, and need a more complex process? No problem either, work with our dedicated RA and software experts to craft your ideal workflow.
Seamless Integration with your Evidence Based Practice Systematic Literature Review Workflow
Have a bigger team and need more than what comes in the box?

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here’s what other industry professionals are saying about our tools and systematic review process.
The deduplication alone of all my articles made it worth it! Thanks for giving me a week of time back.

All of Your Clinical Literature at Your Fingertips

Your Entire Team has access to a searchable library of all your clinical literature, across departments, devices, reports.

What Our

Reviews are Used for


Systematic Literature Review Software

See it in action!
Systematic Literature Review Software

Systematic Literature Review Software –

Built for Regulatory and Clinical Professionals

MDR Compliance — Our team uses this exact process and system to produce a LOT of MDR compliant literature reviews. We’ve had 100% success with our literature reviews on submission.

Manage Updates With Ease

Manage Updates With Ease

Built For Regulatory and Clinical Professionals

Our Regulatory experts use this platform daily, and are constantly tweaking and refining it towards a perfect review.

Leading De-Duplication

Leading De-Duplication

Save hours sorting through Citations with our de-duplication methodology. Works across ALL databases and citations, not just some of them.

Global Searches

Global Searches

We support all major databases (PubMed, PMC, Embase, Cochrane, and more!
Customizable Extraction Fields

Customizable Extraction Fields

Use our European/American compliant fields… or customize your review.
Adverse Event and Vigilance Searching

Adverse Event and Vigilance Searching

Search, Sort, Review, and Process all Adverse Events on your Device or Drug
Privacy and security

Privacy and security

Have full transparency and peace of mind on when and how your business data is being used
Word, Excel, EndNote Integrations

Word, Excel, EndNote Integrations

Generate a ready-to-submit Word Document, or Export to Endnote and Excel



Pay for what you’re using.

No ballooning costs per seat like other subscription based tools, or locked away features….

Transparent Pricing
Bullet-Proof Validation Process


Validation Process

Leave your auditor speechless, with our detailed protocols (generated for based on your search), and documented systematic review validation process.

All search results are documented, timestamped, and neatly packaged for your regulatory submission needs.

All references are documented in the final outputs, and displayed in an easily readable layout.

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Asked Questions:

There are plenty of good tools out there.  The CiteMed SLR tool stands out in that it’s been built and designed specifically to help on medical device regulatory submissions.   You can get set up, and have a fully compliant search protocol generated before your morning coffee gets cold.  We’re that streamlined. We can talk all day about our features,  but the reality is that they’re better shown in a free demo.

We pull automatically from PubMed, PubMed Central,  Cochrane Library, Clinical and FDA Maude.

But we support even more, including EMBASE if you upload your search results file.  

If we don’t have it, we’ll build it for you!

Yes, we can take your citations from an Endnote file and import them into the system. Going the other way, we can export into a format that will make ‘Cite While You Write’  work easily with Endnote and Word.

Polished Product – You will see a final, fully formatted product customized with your branding.

Revisions – Our staff is prepared to complete revision requests in the same business-day.