Only what you need to do the work. Not More.

Originally built to save our own skins, now crafted and delivered to save the perpetually busy scientific writer.

Where, when, and how you’ll search. Set your databases, filters, and search dates.

Pick your search terms with the help of our ‘search previews’ and live result counts.  Without leaving the page.

Automatically search and process results from 5 Major Databases (and upload your results from many others).

Create new projects in under 2 minutes.

Duplicates are marked, recorded and hidden from your reviews (but reported in your outputs).

One-Click report generation in Polished Word Docs or Excel/RIS.

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Audit Trail - Data Validation

Generate an audit-trail to submit and satisfy even the toughest auditors.

PRISMA Chart Always Updated and accessible.

Fly through your review without excel typos/mistakes.

Review full-texts and extract the most important data for your reports (customizable).

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Full Text PDF Keyword Highlighting

Make your reading and extraction faster by auto-highlighting important sections.

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All of Your Organizations Full Texts Organized and Searchable

No more duplicate purchases, or graveyard Sharepoint Folders for your citations and full-texts.

Citation Management


Meddev 2.7.1 rev4 Compliant

Our Protocols and Process were designed with Meddev 2.7.1 rev4 Compliance in mind.  

AI -Enabled Abstract Review

We highlight the text that matters (Abstract/Full-Text PDF) so you can read and review faster.

View Historical Review States

Seen an article before? Quickly verify if a text has been reviewed in a previous project by you or a teammate and what the result was.

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Multiple review collaboration teams and enterprise


Easy Repeat Updates

Re-run the same protocol as an update and maintain review continuity year after year.

Don’t forget your vigilance databases! We support FDA Events/Recalls and many European databases too.

Full Text Auto-Download and Support

If your text is available freely, we’ll download it behind the scenes for you automatically. 

Expert Writers On-Demand

Pressed for time, or stuck on a review? Our team of FDA/Notified-Body approved medical writers is standing by to help.