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Review on Your Terms

CiteMed Works on Your Terms

We Conduct Your Literature Review

No time to run through your review? Our team of ace Regulatory professionals can start with your product info, deliver a protocol for approval, and then conduct a full systematic literature on your behalf.

Get Expert Assistance on Your Literature Review

Want a second set of eyes on your search terms? Or someone to peer review your inclusion/exclusion decisions?

Help from a qualified medical writer (in Pharma and Medical Device) is only a click away.

Conduct Your Own Reviews

Conduct Your Own Reviews

Our tools save you time, and headache of organization. You can be up and running in minutes with your first review.

Tools that Grow With You

Individual Freelancers

Individual Freelancers

We started off as freelancers, and understand the need to have a platform that can expand with your business… and not overcharge when things are light.

Small Business

Small Business

Startups are hard enough to manage as it is. With limited staff and always a new fire to put out, demanding activities like Literature Review often get left until it’s too late. Manage all of your Literature, reviews, and updates without the worry.


Big teams are their own special kind of challenge. And without proper organization, the ability to collaborate, and the tools to hold it all together your life as a medical writing manager can quickly devolve into ‘Spreadsheet Hell’.

Take back
your time

We’ve designed our review platform to run straight through with ease. On average, our projects save 20 hours per review. Sometimes far more.

End to End Clinical
Literature Management

Library/database organizer

No more nightmarish shared drives of improperly named PDFs

Version Control

No more incorrect version numbers, or duplicate reports worked on by the wrong people at the wrong time.


CiteMed handles your liteterature and makes everything from Protocol revisions to annual search updates simple.

Faster Literature Reviews, Better Outputs


search collection


One-Click automated
output formats
(Full Report, Excel, Endnote)

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These are a few of the most commonly asked questions about our platform.  If you have any additional concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Both we suppose! Our software is available for you to use on your own, or our Regulatory pro’s can help out as needed. It’s entirely up to you.
No, our system is not an AI solution. We have a team of experienced Regulatory professionals who conduct your literature review or assist you with conducting your own review. Our platform is designed to save you time and make the process more efficient.

We price per project, not per user.  So you’re only paying for what you use and when you need it.

We do offer custom demos/trial uses for certain companies.  Please reach out for more info.

Built by Practitioners

Our platform gets battle tested every single day with real projects and real medical writers. Our team over at Cite Medical Consultants put our software through the wringer every day to relentlessy optimize for ease of use, and effort reduction.