• Literature Review Simplified
  • Literature Review Simplified
  • Literature Review Simplified
  • Literature Review Simplified
  • Literature Review Simplified
  • Literature Review Simplified

Literature Review Simplified

For Perfectionist Medical Writers On A Deadline

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Your Time Is Too Valuable for Copy-Paste

We all know Systematic literature review is an essential part of any regulatory process. We also know it’s a complete labor-intensive pain to perform and maintain without making mistakes.

That’s why we built CiteMed, to keep our own medtech writing team from setting fire to their laptops trying to keep up with generating error-free SLRs day in and day out.

We didn’t have time to onboard or learn (or pay for) some absurdly complex enterprise package of software, so we built something simple. Our users can:

  • Fire up a new review (or update a previous one) in 60 seconds. Less if you’ve had coffee.
  • Run searches (on multiple databases), and automatically remove/record duplicates
  • Perform a compliant (EU MDR/IVDR, FDA) literature review of abstracts and full-texts
  • Click once to generate a submission-ready output (Word Doc and Tables), or Excel/RIS Archive

Built to Search, Review and Output. Not to Confuse

CiteMed.io was designed for you and your team to sit down and start reviewing. That’s it. You’re not going to find 3 weeks worth of training videos, multi-hour ‘strategy-calls’, or powerpoint presentations made by consultants who have never written so much as a postcard.

We know our workflows are great, because we’ve used them to successfully submit 100s of our own reviews and documents (see our track record at Cite Medical!). So we suggest you give us a shot and see if our tool can work for you too. Free evaluation periods are always available to try it out.

P.S. If you’re a big team with a complex workflow, we’re not opposed to building you something special to suit your needs… but it won’t be today. CiteMed.io as it’s currently designed is for reviewers that are ready to get traction immediately.

15 Regulatory Experts and Software Engineers Walk Into A Bar…

We built CiteMed to solve our own problem, which was juggling a mountain of Systematic Literature Reviews for our medical device clients. It’s been forged through our mistakes, aspirations, and ideas over the course of 7 years and we don’t intend on stopping or selling out.

  • Family owned and operated for 8 years and counting
  • Zero pesky investors or controlling interests (we’re here to stay!)
  • Built by EU MDR/IVDR/FDA medical writers at every step.

About Us - CiteMedical Team

Enterprise Quality at Startup Speed

Whether you’re a department of one, or managing a team of 50 writers we’re set up to get you results without the fuss of enterprise level configuration and training. If you’re committed to performing the highest caliber of literature review (in any industry), we’ve got you covered.

For freelancers and small teams:

  • Start today,  with a monthly license
  • Book in time directly with our Founders (seriously) to walk through your first real project.  
  • Get reviewing in minutes!

For Enterprise and Big Teams:

  • You can still start today (minus the red tape for licenses at your company)
  • See our enterprise ready environment and compliance checklist to slash through that red tape
  • Concierge on-boarding (we’ll set up your projects for you and train your staff, free)

Beyond a Tool - Industry Leading Education

We don’t want to just send you a login and say ‘Ciao Ciao’, our experienced writing team (hundreds of successful submissions) continues to put together best-in-class instructionals on the latest Regs in EU and US, and a strong focus on evidence and literature review.

Better evidence means safer products, and healthier outcomes. Join us in the never-ending quest to process and evaluate evidence.