Systematic Literature Review for Enterprise

Save time,
Reduce errors

10x Your Teams Productivity and unclog Regulatory Pipelines

The productivity of most medical writing teams is capped at how quickly (and well) they can perform literature search and review.

In the end it all boils down to how efficiently and accurately your team can work.

The hours spent on literature review are far more valuable for your writers to be spent elsewhere, which is why CiteMed is dedicated to giving your organization back time in big chunks.

Bring Your Clinical
Team Together

Bigger Organizations mean bigger challenges when it comes to coordinating large clinical literature efforts.

Even the slightest inefficiency can cause giant ripples of wasted efforts and confusion among large teams.

Citation and Reference

Take control of your
literature workflows

Protocol management and review updates have never been more streamlined.

Version Control and Protocol Updates

Don’t hear a groan from your team when protocol changes come down the chain, just hear done.

A Clinical Literature Review Solution for the Long Haul

As your company grows, and the years progress the clinical evidence will start to pile up. With CiteMed, your articles, your reviews, and your updates are managed with ease in the same place.


The work never stops after your initial submission or report draft. The major benefits to literature search happen when you update your literature year after year. In most countries, it’s required. But either way, you’ll want a rock solid process in place that makes re-running a previous protocol as simple as a few clicks.


Did you know that over 30% of a literature review project budget is spent on managing and revisions? With our systematic version control, and single click updates your team will no longer be stuck in what we call “revision hell” on your projects.

Say Goodbye to Copy/Paste

As silly as it sounds, the amount of damage an over-caffeinated and click-happy QA/RA engineer can do with copy/paste is astounding. Take the manual document editing work completely off the table by using CiteMed, and focus on the pieces that really matter to your submissions.

Supercharge Your Literature Processes

Try us out risk free and see the time savings for yourself.

On-Demand Support

Even the most talented and dedicated QA/RA team can get overwhelmed with submissions, paperwork, and other global projects.

Our team of qualified Regulatory experts is always ready to support you. Whether you need a formal review and signature on a submission-ready review, or need us to roll up our sleeves and complete a full systematic review on your behalf.

Seamless Integration

Fit into your existing workflow, or redefine it.

Powerful software is worthless if it takes weeks or months to configure and get operational.

In our opinion, the real art to building great regulatory tools is to create something that not only does the job at the highest level, but can be set-up and learned in a single afternoon.

Our goal is to get your team running their first review the same day that we set you up on the platform.

Don’t rock the boat Use our platform as a tool within your existing processes

Use it as an end to end clinical literature solution.

Enterprise Level Strength
- Start-Up Like Speed

While our platform can support thousands of concurrent reviews, our team remains lean and true to our startup roots.

Need something built that doesn’t come in the box? Our dedicated software engineers can crank out custom implementations faster than your team can request them. We regularly deploy changes to customers in days and weeks, not months and years.

You Can Do It By Hand

— But Why Would You?

What’s your time worth?

The average literature can take upwards of 50 hours. And that’s not including distractions, waiting, or you know, doing the other 50 thousand things that are required of a RA professional or medical writer.

We’ve broken down how long reviews take our experts (who run literature reviews all day every day), so we’re very confident in these numbers.

Frequent Questions

These are some of our most common requests.  Something else come up?  Don’t hesitate to drop us a line. 

We try and keep it simple, with a flat fee per project, and an (optional) annual fee for storage.  Pay only for the projects you run.

We are more streamlined than some of the more traditional SLR tools out there.  We’re designed to get you started, searching and reviewing within minutes without the massive training/setup burden. 

Yes!  We can automate searching of FDA Maude, and offer a way for you to organize and conduct searches of all the major global adverse event databases.  

We can output your report in a few ways.  From a straight up Excel export (including all review info and citations) to a polished Microsoft Word doc that’s ready to sign and submit.   Endnote supported too!