Systematic Literature Review for Individual Medical Writers

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Those big extra projects never come at the right time. Be able to say YES to new work, knowing the CiteMed team is behind you with on-demand support.
Manage all of your client review projects, literature and updates from a single place.

Access limitless support from our Regulatory Experts!

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Whether you’re goals are to take on more clients, or take longer lunches. CiteMed helps you claw back time in your day project after project.

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Pricing Designed By Freelancers, For Freelancers

No one wants to pay giant monthly fees for software when they don’t have any relevant projects to work on.


Per Project Pricing
Only pay when you use the software to review.


Invite Your Team

Have a few team members you want to help you with reviews? No problem, we don’t charge for additional users on our Freelancer Tiers.

Support When You Need It

Overwhelmed with a burst of new business? Need a second set of eyes to review your work and sign-off on it?

We’ve got you!

Full Service Literature Review

Want to focus on other parts of your contract and save yourself some time?

We can do full literature reviews end-to-end (performed by a qualified medical writer for any kind of Regulatory submission).

On-Demand Lit Review Support

Whether you need someone to help bounce search term ideas, Safety and Performance criteria, or simply to review the work you’ve done… we’ve got an expert standing by to help.

Leave me alone!
I’ve got this.

If you’ve got it covered, we’ll stay out of your way and let you do your thing.

Escape Revision

and Updates Hell

Nothing can derail your entire day like a small revision request that changes all the counts in your literature review. Editing multiple tables, re-tabulating summary counts, creating a new copy/version for sign off… a simple request can turn into an hour of error-prone document editing.


Make the change once (in


Generate a New Version (stored and labeled in version control)


Move on with your work!

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Systematic Review Features

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Have a question that you can’t find the answer to? Drop us a line and we’ll try and answer it the same day. 

There are plenty of good tools out there.  The CiteMed SLR tool stands out in that it’s been built and designed specifically to help on medical device regulatory submissions.   You can get set up, and have a fully compliant search protocol generated before your morning coffee gets cold.  We’re that streamlined. We can talk all day about our features,  but the reality is that they’re better shown in a free demo.

We pull automatically from PubMed, PubMed Central,  Cochrane Library, Clinical and FDA Maude.

But we support even more, including EMBASE if you upload your search results file.  

If we don’t have it, we’ll build it for you!

Yes, we can take your citations from an Endnote file and import them into the system. Going the other way, we can export into a format that will make ‘Cite While You Write’  work easily with Endnote and Word.

We output to Excel, Microsoft Word (Submission ready documents),  in multiple displays of your review results.   Your full review,  list of citations,  search files for validation… we accommodate it all.