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Single Click Systematic Literature Review

See some relevant articles in your results? You’re one click away from starting a Systematic Review in your dashboard.

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Choose from 7 supported default databases for clinical literature and adverse events with over 15+ available for upgrades.

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Compare volume of search results to last month, last year.

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Need a professional to perform searches and sift through results? We offer searching by seasoned medical writers on all major databases and safety databases.

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A Manual Approach to Literature Costs You More

Relying on an already overloaded team to run and maintain consistent searches simply never gets done. There are always more urgent fires to put out, which means you pay the price come submission/updates season.

We solve that for you.

Citemed Missed Articles = Missed Opportunities

Missed Articles = Missed Opportunities

Don’t let new success stories (or bad PR that needs to be addressed) about your drug/device slip away because the team was too busy to see them.

Error Prone - Manual Vigilance and Post Market Follow-up Processes

Manual Vigilance processes are easy to write on plans, and impossible to follow-up with consistently. Let the machines take over the reporting and make your team’s lives easy.
Medical Device Vigilance

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The deduplication alone of all my articles made it worth it! Thanks for giving me a week of time back.

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  • Unlimited Searches
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